The Best and Worst of Cancer Men PART TWO

In PART ONE of this article we looked at the Best of Cancer Men. We also outlined the methodology we used to check our Astrological conclusions by talking to partners and ex-partners of Cancer men. CLICK HERE to read PART ONE now.

Worst of Cancer Men

Although the mother fixation could work and be of benefit to the partner of the Cancer man – it brought a readymade respect for women to the relationship – there were some partners and more ex partners of Cancer men who believed that the fixation ruined the partnership. “How could I live up to her standards?” said one ex-partner. Worse came when the mother was dead. She may have been perfect in real life but after death she was revered as a living saint, a hero and the best at everything – this aspect, when it manifested, had their partners giving up.  

We uncovered a propensity to cheat on partners but not with their or their partner’s friends and not with work colleagues, not via online dating sites. No the propensity was to pay to have a relationship. It was as though this type of Cancer man was so addicted to being unfaithful that he needed the certainty of a liaison and the best way to ensure this was to pay for it. In addition it might be that he got an added kick by using his partner’s hard earned cash to pay for this liaison. The absolute worst of this was two cases of partners who were convinced that their cheating Cancer man had not used protection and therefore actually endangered their sexual health.

There were a few cases of Cancer men who conformed to the image of the nicey-nicey, sweet home lover for a year or so but who then descended into the gutter. Lying, cheating and obsessed with certain types of websites and self-pleasuring. 

CLICK HERE to read The Best and Worst of Cancer Men | PART ONE

Please tell us by leaving a comment if this description of the worst of the Cancer man is true or false. We appreciate feedback from partners ex-partners and Cancer men themselves. Please Note: You are welcome to leave a comment anonymously. We check all comments and do not publish anything which we consider to be offensive


Anonymous said...

True.I've dated cancer man for 4 years,he cheats alot,he is manipulator and a big liar.Please stay away from me Cancer man!He was a worst thing that happend to me..! I'm a pisces woman.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: you are absolutely right .. totally

Anonymous said...

some things are true,they are caring and lovable,but also crafty.i have just been thrown to the side with a cancer man.he has now ran back to his wife after telling me it was over and he was leaving.he made sure he got his oats from me and then said he was going back to are never to old to learn!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a cancer woman. And not tryin to defame any but it is what it is. The cancer man that I have dealt with for almost 8 yrs is one of the most insensitive craftiest confusing haters of any man I know. They lie and if u don't give them anything that they expect outta you they will get somewhere else. Secretive is sneaky, yet this one in particular seem to be jealous mean spirited and controling also very needy as long as he see you have he will htry to hang around til it is all gone, he will then become errogant time to go with the buddies and bimbos. When his money is gone and their money gone and the buddies naughtybitches and witches are back to whomever and whatever they are occupying and he is in need...then he is back again to rain on Your fun and dampen your spirit. He stalks u for comfort and pamperin, eaten up your food sleepin in your bed goin thru your ph and belongings when u are sleepin and accusing You of what he is most likely doin. Yes he will swear he love you when he need you and if he does anything for you! Somehow someway in his craftiness he will getit back and more. As long as you are alone with no happenings and friends he is not around much. You are confined to home but not him unti he finds out that you are out with you circle having fun possibly doin what he is doin. It seems as if he wants to do his THANGS! BUT! Box you in for his benefit and convenience. AND HE WANTS MARRIAGE??? or control with benefits. Oh and by the way he is most oft attracted to older women. He makes many men look bad especially cancer men... very smart though with many woman fam and female friends. He think like a woman. This man I have learned to study appears to be sensitive but as I am a cancer Woman I can see straight through him. Selfcentered crafty and phony. Maybe not all cancer men are like this one. If want a whining needy complainer that wants expects you to provide for him such as his mother or a dumbass for a woman with low self esteem. He would be perfect fo you k?? It's all about him you have nothin to do withit

Anonymous said...

When thangs don't go his way whereever he maybe he'll come crawlin back. If you got what he needs or want. If only for the attention.

Anonymous said...

I need help from married cancer guys do u cheat on ur mistress aside from cheating on ur wives?

Anonymous said...

cancer men are waste of time. i will never ever fall in love with a cancer man ever! and if you try to google and read forums and even yahoo answers,the sign that has the most complaints from women are those cancer men. they are just complicated. as a woman, it would be difficult to deal with a man who has feminine sign.