Cancer Men in 2012 | Zodiac Secrets

Jonathan “good news” Cainer is predicting that 2012 will be an excellent year for Cancer men. However, don’t pin too much on this prediction as Jonathan Cainer predicts all star signs – people born under any section of the zodiac – i.e. everybody on the entire planet is going to have a good year and has been doing for about 25 years. Most of the Astrologers on the HELP with Men! Website are convinced that the water signs but particularly Cancer and Pisces are going to have one hell of a crap year unless they actually take measures to avoid it. However (again) whereas half the Pisces men (those who swim upstream) will be able to take evasive action Cancerian men aren’t that well equipped to avoid stuff. Typically our crustaceous friends withdraw into their shells but – as anyone who wields a small hammer will know – these are not much protection against the big bad world.

So get them Cancer men out of their shells and get them to face up to some home truths. Firstly sitting around in the guise of a couch potato is NOT going to do them any good. The world will not come to them or, for that matter, will the unemployment office. What should they do?

What is needed is a two clawed protection strategy. What is NOT needed is a two pronged attack. Cancer men should not attack. Small steps made in one direction will achieve much but small steps made any which way will be just as tiring and get them nowhere. So how can you make sense of this gibberish and attempt to indicate to the Cancer man in your life the best way to avoid disaster in 2012? Firstly take it on board that the problems which could get out of hand relate to family and business.

Family will need the Cancer man’s help. Cancer man should be given the space to do this and so partners should do as much as they can to help them. Overly needy partners of Cancer men who prevent this happening will very likely be dumped in November/December 2012. Partners who take the obtuse, obstructive approach will undoubtedly be blamed for anything that the Cancer man has not been able to prevent which befalls his family.

A similar approach should be offered towards the business, job or studies of the Cancer man. His business/money making/self-advancement problem is that his family will take his eyes of his goals and the knock on effect will be the less than necessary concentration needed to optimise returns. Although he may be able to fluke ample results during the first half of 2012 in the second half he’ll need as much time as possible to spend on his main occupation (be it work or study) as he can wrest from his family members in need of his ministrations and money. Thus only the greedy, manipulative, selfish partners will get a look in but, if they want this man in their life, they’ll wish they hadn’t have by the end of the year.