Cancer Man in Love

Cancer men in love! Forget what you've read about the Cancer man in love on popular slush laden websites and tacky lifestyle magazines and cast your eyes over this. The HELP with Men! sites do not pull their punches. Cancer men in love is complicated and, what is more, Cancer man in love is unusual.

You’ve got to honest with yourself when you are deciding whether your Cancer man loves you or not. You might be attempting to convince yourself that his possessiveness is a sign that he is in love with you. You might register that his gallantry when it comes to repairs and renovations of your home is a unspoken confession of his love for you… but, you know deep down that you need more evidence than this.

Possessiveness and helpfulness will be present if a Cancer man loves you but you need to look out for much more than that. The trip with a Cancer man is the women he is attracted to. You think that a woman lacking confidence, without natural independence, minus the go-get-‘em attitude would be a natural fit. After all, the Cancer man likes to play the lead as though the partnership is some sort of protracted ballroom dance so a somewhat submissive partner would be ideal. Wouldn’t s/he? No she wouldn't.

Perhaps that’s why Cancer men don’t fall in love so quickly – compared to all the other star sign… even Aquarius! The women they can slip out of their shell for are fiercely independent, career driven, succeeding against the odds in a male dominated world and a male dominated sector. To fall in love truly a cancer man needs to be free of his shell at least some of the time and it is this type of woman that he will leave his shell (see it like an invisible safety blanket) for.

Let’s put this in a context which is attainable. After all, we can’t all be like the exceptional female* scientist, the tremendous female inventor or the leading female Wall Street or Stock Exchange banker. Realistically there are not that many women born into the necessary privilege or fortunate enough to receive the requisite education. Thing is, when there is real love from a Cancer man the love object feels they are as powerful and outstanding as the roles outlined in this paragraph. The Cancer man makes them feel that way.

In short, you know that a Cancer man is in love with you because you feel on top of the world. If you have nagging doubts, the slightest feeling of annoyance or detect that in him - you have to face it: he does not love you and, for that matter, he does not love you.

*In this article the words female and male, man and woman are interchangeable but this entire website is about Cancer men.


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